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Our Products

Relieve many issues

   and help with:

  • dry skin                       

  • muscle pain

  • sleep

  • wake up

  • skin detox

  • healing 

  • anxiety

  • wrinkles & aging

  • and much more...



Our soaps (and all our products) are made purposely opposite of the unforgiving corporate stuff you grew up with. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!


So many products we all grew up with are so drying, chemical-ridden, and horrible for your skin. It's either all we had available, or we were conditioned to think it was good. Unfortunately, even some doctors, dermatologists and/or aestheticians tell their patients that these products are ok. To some extent, they are correct. These professionals usually direct their patients to these products because they a "safe bet", but they are far from the best things you could use on your skin. It's not because they don't care, it's only due to lack of accurate information and/or overbearing marketing from the soap corporations themselves.


Yetter's Better makes products with love and knowledge. Each individual product is created for a specific reason and they WORK. Whether it be to super-hydrate your skin, to detoxify, heal, or exfoliate, they ALL hit home. 

We go out of our way to make sure they are loaded with not just one, but MANY active ingredients to attack that specific purpose. Take the time to read the ingredients... you'll get it. ENJOY!


* MUCH longer lasting

* Concentrated and layered effects for potency

* Scents stay strong till the end 

* Safe for babies   

   (Always check ingredients for specific potential      allergies)

Soap Care

So... You have just purchased one helluva soap! Luckily for you, it's not some run-of-the-mill, skin damaging, cheapo-soap. This was, in all actuality, an INVESTMENT. You have just invested in a product that will take good care of your skin. So, isn't it fair to assume that you should take care of it in return? Glad you agree!

When bathing, it is up to your preference whether to use a loofah or a washcloth for lather and/or exfoliation. Either will definitely create more lather, but as far as the effect, both (or none) will be fine. The important part is what you do with the soap AFTER you use it. So, for the best results and to keep your soap lasting the longest, here is what we suggest...


1  First and foremost, DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THE TUB/SHOWER/SINK! While sitting, usually in a nice big puddle, the soap will absorb the water and/or moisture surrounding it and eventually turn your awesome new investment into mush.


2  Take your soap completely out of the bathroom. Lots of people stop at just putting it somewhere else in the bathroom. However, there is still lingering humidity/moisture in the bathroom long after you leave, especially if you have more people in the household using the bathroom. Find a dry spot in a completely different room to store your soap(s). The idea is to keep the soap(s) as dry as possible when you aren't using them. This will create somewhat of a shell on the surface of the soap, protecting it from erosion. Also, this allows the fragrance to stay trapped inside and will smell great much longer.

3  When you store your soap(s), lay it on top of a clean, dry sponge or a clean, dry washcloth. This will soak up any moisture from the bottom of the soap. If you like, you can even pat-dry the top before you leave it.


4  DO NOT COVER IT! Let your soap(s) air dry. If you put it in a baggie or box of some kind, you are trapping all the wetness and moisture inside with your soap, causing more mushy erosion. If you would like to store it in a baggie or box later, that is fine, as long as the soap is COMPLETELY dry first.



We realize this may be a bit of a hassle, but it is worth the extra few minutes. If you decide not to follow these steps, that's ok too... it just means you will be purchasing more amazing Yetter's Better soaps sooner!




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