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The exploding, immersing entity that is Yetter's Better (formerly Ancient Auras), is a dynamic super-vibe that is dedicated to paving a path to a better place to exist by providing our fellow humans with products, services, and ideas that will allow for an arena of awesome, positive growth and change, starting with taking care of yourself. We live by our own examples and we will always appreciate the lives we have and the lives we get to help.

You're welcome.


On October 10, 2015, Yetter's Better had its humble beginning in South Jersey with nothing more than $230 (and a push from my kid..), a great idea, and a huge dream.


The idea was simple: Create products that weren't the same run-of-the-mill, boring, skin-drying, chemical-based products made by most of the big brand companies... Products that are excellent for your skin, that actually WORK, and that have unique, amazing scents that last.

We started with soap... just soap.

Don't get me wrong, our soaps are magnificent. But it took some time before we could expand to other bath products. So with some planning and a lot of trial and error, we now have fine-tuned our recipes and have brought forth a solid entourage of bath products, including CBD soaps for both pain and sleep, bath bombs, lip balms and even beard balms and specific soaps just for the guys.

Being the big dreamers that we are, we have some huge plans to expand upon. In the works are liquid hand & body soaps, shampoos & conditioners, candles, pet products, chakra soaps, and an expanding line of products with different and unique-to-the-industry effects.


Now, 7 years later, with a lot of hard work and the normal struggles of a starter small business, we have sold our products in over 100 stores in New Jersey, Southern Florida, and in Midland, Odessa, Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio and the surrounding Hill Country area in Texas.


Throughout our growth, we have and will continue to work with organizations dealing with homelessness, animal care and adoption, and organizations dealing with the safety of children.

(And probably some local heavy metal bands...)🤘 

So, we leave you with a simple message:

Take time to take care of yourself. You have worked hard for everything you have, but you were born with your skin... TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT!

Enjoy your Yetter's Better products!

 - Joel Yetter

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