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Strong CBD Products

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Our products are POTENT!


Just so you have a better understanding of our CBD products, the CBD content is just one out of seven active ingredients in each of our LIFTED products. Like all of our products, we layer our active ingredients so they get to the affected area faster, and with much more potency and longevity. 

For example, in our LIFTED - 'Pain' products, the CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory, but it doesn't directly subdue pain. In our 'LIFTED - Sleep' products, CBD is awesome for calming nerves and subduing anxiety, but does not directly affect you becoming drowsy.


In all of our CBD products, we use only pure CBD isolate, which contains 0% THC. So, you can get virtually the same effects, but without the worry of having trace THC in your system that may show up on a drug test or impair certain daily functions, like driving. 

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