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This is the ULTIMATE soap bar to ease the soreness or pain in your joints and muscles! This bar is loaded with 5 different ingredients for pain relief: 250 Mg of pure CBD oil isolate (0% THC), Japanese peppermint oil, rosemary oil, clove oil, and menthol (2%). Also, it contains 6 different natural oils to moisturize different levels of your skin tissue, and has an amazing and unique minty scent! 

CAUTION: Because of the menthol, please be aware of your own skin sensitivity. Your "sensitive" areas may be more affected than other parts of your body. That being said, don't just use on the sore areas, use it on as much of your body as you can! The more of the lather that absorbs into your skin, the better it will work for all of your affected areas in your body. Also, we advise that your bathroom be warm when exiting the shower, and wear clothes that will cover your body fully until your skin acclimates. If possible, relax for a half hour to an hour after use and let 'LIFTED' do its job. Enjoy!

LIFTED - PAIN (Body Only!)

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