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Signs Of Serenity


OMG... I just got out of a hot bath and I used 'Serenity' soap. I feel amazing! I can't believe how it works on your senses and mood. "Uplifting" is the word I would use. Keep doing what you're doing. A happy customer for life!

- Anne R.

Maple Shade, NJ 

Our new 'Serenity' soap is part of our 'LIFTED' CBD product line. It was created specifically for the 'Signs of Serenity' Ranch in Harper, TX, which is a safe haven for PTSD veterans. This moisture bar is LOADED with  ingredients that directly relate to subduing anxiety, calming nerves, and even relieving some muscle tension, but also having an uplifting effect on your mood!


* A portion of the profit from each bar sold is donated to Signs Of Serenity.

For more information on Signs Of Serenity Ranch go to:

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